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cPark gives info about parking zones

Parking zones

cPark maps each parking area. You know at any time if the parking is free, if you have to put your disc or to pay.

We give parking controls risk

Parking controls

cPark gives you at what time the parking enforcement officers are more likely to control your car.

Receive smart notifications

Smart notifications

cPark sends you notifications when your parking time is up or if a parking officer has been spotted close to your car.

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cPark is all about the community

We believe that together, we can make parking smarter. By connecting drivers to one another, local communities can share information to improve everyone’s parking. Everytime you spot an agent or receive a parking ticket, you can share it with the community to help them avoid getting parking tickets. The more we are, the more information is shared, the less parking tickets you will receive. Wanna give it a try?

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“Thank you so much. Parking in Brussels is a nightmare. cPark is a blessing!”


“Very useful app. I used it today and discovered that only meters away from my office I could park for free.”


“Congratulations for the app. It’s a great idea. I hope many other cities will be coming soon.”


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